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Planning of the park

The Planning of Jiuhuashan National Geopark, Chizhou, Anhui (2011-2025) was issued and implemented by Chizhou Municipal Government, Anhui on November, 2012.

1. Overall development goal

Through the construction of national Geopark, the geosites like granite landform, Quaternary glacial landform, flowing water landform, structural feature, water landscape, etc. and abundant human landscape resources and ecological environment resources can be protected by the scientific system.

By developing geosites within Jiuhuashan Geopark scientificly and rationally, highlighting education function of scientific investigation and science popularization, the geopark will be built into a better geopark with reasonable layout, perfect supporting facilities, clear power and responsibility of each subarea, and integrates geosite tourism with human landscape tourism. Then the public awareness of environmental protection, sustainable development, resources protection will be promoted. National Geopark with social benefits, economic benefits and environmental benefits will improve tourist industry development of Chizhou City and local economic development. At last, the goal of building the global geopark will be achieved.

2. Stage-goals

(1) Short-term development goals (20112015)

In order to achieve the goal of building national geopark, we strengthen the park infrastructure construction and finish the following work.

<1>Complete the National Geopark opening monument.

<2>Complete the Geological Relics Protection Project of the Geological Park scenic spots.

<3>Complete the construction project of the geopark boundary demarcation, establish the geosites list and archives, and comprehensively protect the geosites, natural and cultural landscape and ecological environment.

<4>Complete the construction of the geo-museum of the park (phase I), compile and publish the series of geopark books and scientific guide maps.

<5>Complete the interpretation and marking system of geopark

<6>Complete the plan for scientific research and science popularization in the past three years, conduct science popularization education on primary and middle school ,conduct the geological research on the park.

<7> Improve the basic facilities such as the geological sightseeing walkway in huatai scenic area, and build the qiaoan-xiaminyuan geological sightseeing walkway.

<8>Check the potential geological hazards in the park, restore and govern the jiuhua river, and complete land consolidation in both shores

<9>Improve the construction of the management system for geopark, improve the rules and regulations for park management, enrich personnel and technical forces, and improve the construction of park websites and monitoring systems.

(2)Middle-term development goals(2016-2020)

Further construct and perfect the infrastructure of the park, complete all kinds of protective measures of the park, strengthen the protection of geosites and ecological environment, strengthen the excavation and publicity of scientific connotation of geopark, and realize the comprehensive development of the park. Completed the following specific work:

<1>Explore the geological tourist trails from Jiuziyan to the lion peak scenic area, heihusong, lotus peak scenic, carry out scientific investigation of  magmatic rocks in the park.

<2>Increase investment in the protection of geosites and the maintenance of the ecological environment in the park, continue to carry out geosites and scientific research, expand the popularity of geopark and build it into well-known geopark in China.

<3>Develop granite landform cliff climbing base in Jiuziyan

<4>Supplement and improve the specimen exhibits in the geo-museum.

<5>Supplement and improve the interpretation and marking system of geopark.

<6>Build Liuchong ropeway.

<7>Complete the construction of geo-museum in the park

<8>Further improve the management and service quality of geopark, improve the comprehensive reception capacity of the park and promote local economic development.

(3)Long-term development goals(20212025)

<1>Protect geosites and develop geotourism comprehensively, which make the park an important base for the public to conduct geological science popularization education and geological investigation with distinctive characteristics.

<2>Optimize infrastructure construction and service facilities space layout in various parks and scenic spots, improve supporting functional facilities, tourism reception system and comprehensive services level.

<3>Further improve the ecological environmen benefits of the geopark, enhance the scientific connotation of geotourism, and realize the sustainable development of the geopark. We will build high-standard, networked transportation and supporting service facilities and form a multi-tiered and diversified tourism product system.

<3>Realize the coordinated development of geosites protection, environmental protection and social economy, make the park become the "core and leading" of the comprehensive tourism industry system of chizhou city.