Ecological investigation route


Jiuhuashan Geopark is located near N30° latitude, with abundant rainfall and mild climate, making the region rich in ecological resources. Jiuhuashan has a high vegetation coverage, with vertical mosaic structure of subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, deciduous broad-leaved forest and needle-leaved forest.

There are 449 species of old and valuable trees in Jiuhuashan Geopark, and mainly distributed inside the Jiuhua Street cirque, which belong to seven communities. They are Ganlu Temple Community, Zhiyuan Temple Community, Taibaishutang Community, Yueliangwan Community, Pipaxing Community, Flesh Palace Community and Minyuan Community, respectively. It has become a key ecological science education area. Among them, the famous Phoenix pine (scientific name Pinus taiwanensis), was recorded in the history of the Northern and Southern Dynasties about 1,400 years ago. The pine is 7.68 m tall with 1m diameter at breast. With a peculiar shape, This tree looks like the Phoenix spreading wings. Li Keran, a famous contemporary Chinese painter praised it as "one of the most beautiful pine trees in the world".

Cultivated plant tour area at piedmont basin (with elevation of 50 m) - Cyclobalanopsis myrsinaefolia community at the Flesh Palace (with elevation of 500 m) - Bamboo Forest community at Minyuan (with elevation of 200 m) - Theropencedrymion community at Baijingtai (with elevation of 1,000 m) - Pinus taiwanensis community at Tiantai (with elevation of 1,200 m) - Rhododendron shrub community at Small Huatai (with elevation of 800 m)

Main investigation content:

1. Investigate plant diversity in Jiuhuashan.

2. Investigate characteristics and distribution of plant community in Jiuhuashan.

3. Investigate the growing environment (soil, water quality, etc.) of bamboo forest, rhododendrons and Pinus taiwanensis community and so on in Jiuhuashan

4. Strengthen the development of agricultural products in Jiuhuashan, including special products (sealwort, bamboo shoots, etc.) and bamboo handicrafts

5. Promote agricultural production and agricultural tourism vigorously


Bamboo forest


Rhododendrons in Huatai