Huizhou culture of Jiuhuashan geopark


The Huizhou culture at Jiuhuashan is an important part of Huizhou culture. It is mainly featured by Huizhou architecture and Huizhou cuisine.

A.Jiuhua Street is a showcase of China Huizhou architecture.

Huizhou architecture is one of the most important types in ancient Chinese architectures. The place where Jiuhuashan is located is a concentrated displaying area of the south-Anhui ancient dwellings. The horse head-shaped wall, Chinese-style tiles and white wall are the most significant features of Huizhou architecture. They are most obvious in dwellings, ancestral halls and memorial archways. They were regarded as the three unique types of ancient Huizhou architecture. Located in Jiuhua cirque, Jiuhua Street is a residential community featured by Huizhou architectures, which were around the Huacheng Temple. Now, it is a visitor distribution center of Jiuhuashan Geopark.

Huizhou architecture

B. Jiuhuashan food is a representative of Huizhou cuisine in China.

Benefited from its unique geographical location, good natural environment and various altitudes, Jiuhuashan provides good quality water and soil for crops and livestock with unique ingredients and becoming special products, such as mandarin fish, stone fungus, bamboo shoots, sealwort and tea. Among them, Jiuhuashan sealwort, Xishan baked jujube and Shitai Se-rich tea have been listed as the national products of geographical indication.

In history, the various regional cultures, such as Wu-Yue, Jing-Chu, and Hui, have had long-term impact on Jiuhuashan area, making a food culture featured by multi-dimensional fusion, forming the distinctive Huizhou cuisine. Jiuhuashan is a representative of the Huizhou cuisine of China, the main famous dishes are hairy Bean Curd, smelly mandarin fish, stewed chicken with rock fungus, stewed meet with Bamboo shoot. In addition, the Buddhist food of Jiuhuashan is dominated by vegetarian dishes, such as Braised Rock Partridge (Bean Products), Steamed Bean Curd Roll (Bean Products), and Arhat Vegetarian Dish, etc.

Smelly mandarin fish