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Jiuhuashan has made great breakthroughs in geological research


Jiuhuashan has achieved great breakthroughs in geological research, F-rich A-type granite is first discovered in Jiuhuashan Geopark. This achievement is recently published in a well-known journal Chemical geology in international geochemical field.

From 2014, the research team led by Internationally renowned granite expert, Professor Changqian Ma from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and Dr. Lianxun Wang conducted a detailed geological survey on granite in Jiuhuashan National Geopark and its surrounding area.

It is found that Jiuhuashan rock body is mainly composed of two types of granite, I-type and A-type granite, among which A-type granite, the scenery-making granite, is mainly distributed in Jiuhuashan rock body in sharp-shaped rushing out of surface, while I-type granite is distributed in surrounding rock body, forming domal landscape and is not scenery-making granite.

In 2014, granite with miarolitic structure is first discovered in Jiuhuashan, this is a potential rock rich in volatile elements, which often reflects shallow emplacement and relatively strong hydrothermal activity. It is of important research value.

As the representative of the granite type, Jiuhuashan Geopark, supported by China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Geological Survey of Anhui Province, 324 geological team of Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Anhui Province, has carried out a lot of Comparative studies on the same type and stage granite in the Middle East of China and even around the world, it provides important scientific data for the research field and direction of geochemistry, and promotes the formation history of granite in the area to a scientific altitude.