Route 2


Scientific investigation route 2: Geological Museum - Large Bronze Statue – in the north of Lion Peak - Jiuziyan

Scientific investigation contents:

Geological Museum  Tourists will firstly walk into The Geopark’s Museum , and watch a special film (scenic film) of Jiuhuashan Geopark, the exhibition of sandbox model, specimens, pictures and e-books and so on. They will learn about the evolutionary history of the Earth, the geoheritages in Jiuhuashan Geopark and basic features of the major geoheritages, the genesis of Jiuhuashan and Yulong Cave, and know about the plan of Jiuhuashan Geopark through sightseeing.


Geological Museum 

Large Bronze Statue  Tourists will investigate the features of the fresh and weathered granodiorite, the second period K-feldspar granite in the Late Yanshanian. Investigate K-feldspar granite porphyry dyke and the north-south trending ridge peak (Toutuo Peak) composed of it.


 Large Bronze Statue 

Lion Peak  Tourists will investigate the feature, formation and distribution rules of granite cone peak cluster (Bijia Peak), domal peak (Tianhua Peak), weathered-eroded grotesquely-shaped stones (Dolphin out of road Stone, King Kong Stone), X type joints, granite stone waterfall (Jiuziyan Stone Waterfall), granite cliff (Red Cliff), jointed waterfall (Qibuquan Waterfall) and so on. They will mainly investigate the feature and formation of national level cone peak cluster (Bijia Peak) and granite platforms.

Moreover, tourists are to investigate the first period granodiorite and the second period K-feldspar granite in the Late Yanshanian, and the contact relationship between the second period K-feldspar granite and monzogranite.

This investigation route runs in an east- west direction covering throughout the north-south trending mountain ridge of Jiuhuashan, and is an ideal route to investigate Jiuhuashan granite profile.