Main geo-heritage types of Jiuhuashan geopark


The geoheritages of the Jiuhuashan Geopark are abundant and of special significance. They could be classified into 4 categories (Table1): (1) the geologic profiles like as the sima magmatic profile of the Qingyang rock body, the sial magmatic profile of Jiuhuashan rock body, the dykes profile of the late Ke Village dyke swarms created by collision of intracontinental tectonic plates; (2) geological structure heritages mainly consisting of the strike-slip Jiuhuashan Fault and small-medium joint structures; (3) geomorphic landscapes that are composed of huge fault-block granite landform formed by fault structure, combination of mountain-hill-basincirque and U-shaped valley of Quaternary glacier relics, and fluvial landscapes; (4) Water landscapes, such as lake, waterfall, spring, and scenic river sections.

Table1 Geological heritage types of Jiuhuashan Geopark



Geological heritage

Geological profile

Batholith profile of continental plates collision

Sima-magmatic profile - Qingyang rock body proflie;

Sial-magmatic profile - Jiuhuashan rock body profile;

Late dyke profile - Ke Village dykes, diabase profile;

Magma intrusive heritage and the intrusive age heritage profile;

Magma profile - granodiorite, monzogranite, syengranite;

Profile of magmatic crystallization differentiation - chemical composition profile;

Mineral crystalline profile

Geological structure

Structural features

Jiuhuashan Fault

Vertical joint, inclined joint, X-type joint

Geomorphic landscape

Tectonic landform

Huge fault-block granite landform: mountain-hill-basin landform, granite peak cluster on upthrown side, hill-basin landform on downthrown side

Rock landform

Granite landscape: cone peak, columnar peak, ridge peak, domal peak, peak cluster, grotesquely-shaped rocks, rock wall, tableland, stone waterfall

Glacier landform

U-shape valley, cirque, glacier erratic boulder, moraine dam

Fluvial landform

Minyuan Valley, Longchi Valley, Ganlu temple Valley, Huangshixi Valley

Water landscape

River landscape

Jiuhua River, Qingtong River, Laba River, Jiuzi River, Huangshixi Stream and so on

Waterfall landscape

Qibuquan Waterfall, Bitao Waterfall, Longchi Waterfall, Baizhangyan Waterfall

Spring landscape

Taibai Spring, Dizang Spring, Furong Spring and so on