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"Charging" volunteers and "refueling" service improvement – Jiuhuashan Geopark held a special training course on volunteer service


According to the deployment of the "overall transformation and improvement" emancipation discussion activity in Jiuhuashan, around the requirements of service transformation and image improvement, in order to further demonstrate the influence of the "Lotus" volunteer service brand, on April 2, Jiuhuashan held the 2019 volunteer service special training class, which has more than 200 volunteers participated in.

Jiuhuashan invited Fei yechao, a visiting professor of Jiuhuashan Buddhist College, a visiting professor of Chizhou University and a national excellent tour guide, and Cheng Haifeng, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Chizhou University and a teacher majoring in tourism management of Chizhou University, to give lectures.

In training class, Mr. Cheng Haifeng gave a detailed explanation of the most basic etiquette norms that a qualified volunteer should master. Then he demonstrated in person and interacted with volunteers. According to the actual situation, Mr. Fei Yechao explained the newly revised "Regulations on Religious Affairs", especially analyzed the problem of promoting the commercialization of Buddhism and how to maintain order in geopark, so that volunteers can truly understand.

The tourism business of Jiuhuashan has continued to develop healthily, and its popularity and influence at home and abroad have been increase day by day. Tourists come in an endless stream. And volunteers have played an active role in assisting the management and serving. But the volunteer service in Jiuhuashan started late, and lack of work experience. In response to the shortcomings, special trainings on volunteer service were held in various aspects to "charge" volunteers, so that the volunteers’ service awareness was further enhanced, and the service skills and comprehensive quality were further improved.